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Titans Trade McNair to Ravens

Although Steve McNair is a fan favorite in Tennessee and not to mention the winningest quarterback in Titans history, he was dealt to Baltimore for what is reportedly a 4th round draft pick in next year's draft. The Titans, who have had problems resolving salary cap issuses, traded him in a deal that hugely favors Baltimore. The Ravens have been in need of a franchise quarterback since their club started 10 years ago, and will be receiving a potential one without having to give up much. The trade is set pending a Steve McNair physical scheduled for this week.


Michelle Wie Falls Short

Although no woman has ever qualified to play in the men's U.S. Open, sixteen year old Michelle Wie came ever so close this weekend. Only the top 18 golfers at the Canoe Brook Country Club earned bids for the U.S. Open. After her morning round, she was tied for 13th. As the day progressed crowds surpassing 2,000 gathered to watch her on the greens. Wie had never made it through the last two days of a men's event before, and did so today quite well shooting 2-under par. Unfortunately for her, she missed some key birdie puts along the stretch that could have changed the outcome. Despite Wie coming up short, she impressed thousands and had quite a showing.


NBA Finals: A First for Both

As an amazing month playoffs came to a close late last night, the NBA found the Miami Heat a worthy competitor as the Dallas Mavericks took home the Western Conference Championship defeating Phoenix 102-93. In a fitting conclusion to what most would consider the best playoffs in the past decade, two teams are set to sqare off for the NBA Campionship that have never before been on such a stage. The Maverick franchise, although strong in the recent years, have never made it to the NBA Finals, and for the first time in their 18 year history, the Heat are also Finals bound. It should be an exciting series as Shaquille O'Neil and Dwyane Wade take on Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks. Game one is set for June 8th on ABC with coverage starting at 9:00 p.m.

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